Distribution & Competition

The Distribution/Competition/Consumer Affairs team provides both national and international advisory and litigation services and includes major players in the fast-moving consumer goods, agri-food and restaurant sectors among its clients.

Distribution law

  • Development of distribution networks: franchise, commercial agency, selective distribution
  • Premature termination of business relationships
  • Relations between manufacturers and distributors: central purchasing and listing bodies, partnership agreements, procurement contracts
  • Marketing of products: labelling, misleading commercial practices, product liability, parallel imports
  • Consumer relations
Competition law

  • Pricing policies: General Terms and Conditions of Sale, General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, invoicing, pricing differentiation, trade negotiation, trade cooperation
  • Anti-competitive practices: cartels, abuse of a dominant position, abuse of economic dependency
  • Practices which restrict competition: loss leading, price fixing, delisting
  • Unfair competition and parasitical business practices
  • Competition investigations
  • Merger: notification of French and EU operations, case follow-up with the relevant authorities

Consumer law

  • Consumer information: labelling, advertising, sales promotion
  • Marketing: Hypermarkets and supermarkets, distance selling, e-commerce, enhancing the value of products
  • Litigation, regulation of fraud: liability litigation, criminal litigation