The Public Business Law team provides advisory and litigation services to national and local public players and their industrial and financial private partners.

It covers all areas of public business law with an expertise based on extensive experience of legal issues in the sector: complex regulatory and judicial framework, specific characteristics of means of financing public projects and special procedures for awarding contracts.

Business sectors

  • Rail and road transport
  • Airport infrastructure, maritime and inland port facilities
  • Regulation of railway operations (regional passenger transport, access to the national rail network, opening-up to competition, freight)
  • Local public services (transport, water, waste collection and processing, district heating, street furniture, public lighting etc.)
  • Defence industries, new technologies
  • Sporting and cultural facilities

Public-Private Partnerships – Global contracts

  • Partnership agreements
  • Public service delegations: concession, leasing, third-party management etc.
  • Works concessions
  • Authorisations to occupy publicly-owned land accompanied by rental agreements with option to buy (AOT/LOA)
  • Long-term administrative leases under ordinary law (BEA), long-term hospital leases (BEH), BEA for development and other public property occupancy agreements, complex contractual arrangements
  • High-performance global public procurement contracts



  • Choice and organisation of advertising and competitive tendering procedures (French Public Procurement Code, particularly order of 6 June 2005)
  • Assistance during contract award procedures
  • Performance of the contract and assistance during pre-litigation phases
  • Financial regulation of public procurement contracts, financing of public procurement contract holders
  • Legal sub-contracting scheme
  • Organisation of public project contracting
  • Litigation regarding the award: proceedings against acts that are not connected with the award procedure, pre-contractual summary procedure, contractual summary procedure, “Tropic Travaux” proceedings
  • Representation before administrative and civil courts
  • Assistance during expert appraisals ordered by the urgent applications judge or in respect of an investigatory measure
  • Litigation regarding performance of public contracts
  • Amicable settlement of disputes (conciliation, compromise, public procurement contracts dispute resolution committee)
  • Public finances, claims against public legal entities
  • Economic interventions of public authorities, public grants and subsidies
  • Audits in the context of acquisition or restructuring of companies holding public contracts
  • Outsourcing of services of public authorities
  • Action for annulment of administrative acts and administrative liability
  • Public authority financing