The Employment law team consists of two partners and supports French and international companies as well as directors in all areas of employment law.

In a field where advice and defence have become inseparable functions, the team relies on this double competency to provide an integrated, responsive and effective approach. It undertakes to provide pragmatic and robust solutions while prioritising dispute prevention.

Restructuring and acquisition operations

  • Corporate and risk audit
  • Provision of information to and consultation of employee representatives, works council, group committee and European committee
  • Harmonisation of collective agreements and individual statutes of employees
  • Implementation of collective redundancies, employment protection plans and voluntary redundancy plans

Collective labour relations

  • Collective bargaining, management of staff representative bodies (IRP) and, in particular, Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committees (CHSCT)
  • Collective agreements on working hours, the employment of seniors and forward-looking labour market management
  • Setting up and monitoring staff representative bodies
  • Collective remuneration systems: employee savings plan, profit-sharing, shareholding, free share plan
  • Ethics policy, internal control procedures, implementation of delegations of powers
  • Training and awareness-raising of management to collective psycho-social risk management, health and safety, delegations of powers

Individual labour relations

  • International contracts of employment (tax efficiency and staff streamlining in the context of secondment or expatriation)
  • Status of company directors (validity of multiple directorships, implementation of appropriate protections, etc.)
  • Management of premature terminations of contracts of employment (dismissals, departures or retirements, terminations by mutual agreement)
  • Protected employees
  • Individual litigation: (harassment, discrimination, premature termination of the contract of employment)
  • Collective litigation: whistle-blower rights, expert appraisals of Works Councils, industrial disputes and strikes, proceedings against employment protection plans (PSE)<
  • Mass litigation: referral to the courts by a large number of employees on the same matter
  • Occupational risks and criminal employment law: work-related illness and gross negligence, hindrance, harassment, criminal liability of directors and companies and delegation of powers
  • Assistance to authorities (Regional Directorate for Companies, Competition, Consumption, Work and Employment (DIRECCTE), Labour inspectorate and France’s national ombudsman (Défenseur des Droits))
  • Social Security litigation: general litigation (Social Security Tribunal (TASS)) and specialist litigation (Disability Tribunal (TCI) and National court for disability and rates of occupational accident insurance (CNIT))
  • Negotiation of terms of engagement and/or exit terms
  • Criminal liability of the company director and mismanagement
  • Delegation of powers
  • Defence of companies charged with discrimination in the context of investigations carried out by France’s national ombudsman (Défenseur des Droits) and subsequent industrial tribunal proceedings
  • Litigation pertaining to the severance payments of directors of a listed company
  • Defence of directors facing criminal prosecution for discrimination and psychological harassment
  • Assistance in implementing a voluntary redundancy plan within banking establishments
  • Support in closing sites requiring the implementation of an employment protection plan