Reinhart Marville Torre assists Kreos Capital and Claret Capital Partners in formalizing a 75 million euro investment in the biotechnology company Abivax.

The Financing team of Reinhart Marville Torre, a multidisciplinary business law firm, assisted Kreos Capital Claret Capital Partners in subscribing to significant financing for the biotechnology company Abivax.

Abivax, a leading French biotechnological company specializing in the development of therapies that modulate the immune system to treat patients with chronic inflammatory diseases, has announced securing major funding of up to 150 million euros. This two-tranche financing operation was made possible through the participation of Kreos Capital and Claret European Growth Capital for 75 million euros, as well as Heights Capital Management for another 75 million euros.

Laurent Cavallier, a partner in Financing at Reinhart Marville Torre, acted as counsel for Kreos Capital and Claret European Growth Capital. He undertook the drafting and negotiation of the documentation related to this strategic financing. This documentation particularly encompassed the terms and conditions of the plain vanilla bonds, the OCABSA (Convertible Bonds with Warrants for Shares) and the BSA (Warrants for Shares) associated with the bonds, as well as the securities granted by Abivax.