Philosophy & organisation

We demand the provision of extremely high quality and high value-added services. Our lawyers are trained at the highest level and we encourage the development of comprehensive skills in each practice area.

We maintain a short management chain (1 partner to 2 associates), which enables us to immediately mobilise a team dedicated to resolving the complex issues entrusted by our clients and to provide them with creative responses tailored to their situation.

Involvement and one-to-one approach

As our instructing party’s single point of contact, the partner is personally involved in following up on the case and can be contacted by our clients at all times.


We maintain a pragmatic approach to cases and tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients.


We have decided to set our hourly rates at reasonable levels. Our invoicing method is flexible and tailored to any situations that may arise. The cost of our advisory service has remained constant for several years. According to our clients, it is one of the most reasonable on the market.


We put together multidisciplinary teams for each case.
We systematically compare experiences to come up with innovative responses.


We work with a network of experts and associates specialised in cases which require specific technical or scientific expertise.