Our CSR policy

The Reinhart Marville Torre firm implements measures to foster our integration in society.


Keen to maintain the balanced development which has characterised it for 20 years, the firm wants to maintain an organisation which satisfies the expectations of its clients and those of its associates. Equally aware of the need to minimise its ecological footprint, it is underpinned by the concrete measures described hereinafter.

Furthermore, in its professional practice, Reinhart Marville Torre is developing skills specifically focused on “green business”, which enable it to build strong relationships with players in sustainable development:

  • The Property/Town Planning, Public Law and Corporate departments regularly work on projects connected to the renewable energies sector.
  • The firm is a member of the Cleantech French Private Equity Investor’s Association (AFIC). Within the French Private Equity Investor’s Association, the Cleantech Club brings together active members in this sector in order to promote the development of eco-industries in France. It conducts regular studies on capital raising and takes part in consultations led by government authorities. For example, it recently expressed its position on the topic of the photovoltaic sector.


Active in the voluntary sector, some Reinhart Marville Torre lawyers and employees volunteer their time to activities aimed primarily at the protection and education of children.

Furthermore, every year, the firm supports the activities of a particular association. Thus, in 2012, within the framework of its partnership with the Perce-Neige association, the firm was involved in opening a new residential care home and sponsored the project to install a computer room adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. In 2013, the firm helped to set up an Orchestra class at the Saint François des Apprentis d’Auteuil school. In 2014, Reinhart Marville Torre contributed to the creation and promotion of the Orchestre de Paris and supported its educational initiatives.

In 2015 and 2016, RMT supported the initiatives of the association À Chacun son Everest! which helps children with leukaemia or other types of cancer as well as women in remission from breast cancer to “heal better”.

RMT, a compassionate firm that gets involved!


Document databases and professional training

Reinhart Marville Torre provides its associates with a documentation centre which optimises the updating of knowledge necessary to the lawyers’ practice, improves the responsiveness, effectiveness and reliability of legal information and contributes to improving the follow-up and handling of client cases.

Furthermore, the firm encourages the ongoing learning of its employees by implementing annual training plans.

Working conditions

Reinhart Marville Torre is committed to maintaining an internal organisation which fosters the well-being and efficiency of its employees:

  • Working time management concerned with maintaining a work/life balance
  • Flexible working hours for some employees
  • Provision of private parking
  • Restoration of the premises in 2016 for greater work comfort
  • Weekly delivery of fruit baskets in each department, provision of coffee machines, mineral water, fruit juices and fizzy drinks free of charge

Ethical imperative: the Code of Professional Conduct of the Bar Association (Ordre des Avocats)

Reinhart Marville Torre is a law firm which brings together almost 80 different people who share the same project and the same responsibility, in strict compliance with the code of professional conduct of the Bar Association (Ordre des avocats).

Adherence to the professional oath constitutes the basis of its good practice and its professional commitment. It ensures compliance with the values to which the lawyers at Reinhart Marville Torre are deeply attached and, in particular, professional secrecy, confidentiality, independence, loyalty and the adversarial principle.


For several years, Reinhart Marville Torre has been committed to reducing its impact on the environment by means of various initiatives:

  • Double-sided printing on work stations
  • Electronic signature bearing a notice concerning awareness of paper printing
  • Fight against wasted electricity by using a system that automatically turns off office lights
  • Optimisation of means of transport


As part of this environmentally responsible approach, our paper waste is processed by the company D Cube. Documents have therefore been used to produce a volume of pulp equivalent to 102 trees since 2011. This initiative has also contributed to the planting of 30,762 eucalyptus trees in Madagascar.

Aware of having reached a significant size, in the short-term the firm would like to be able to measure its efforts in order to implement a drive for improvement.

Informed choice of suppliers

During tender procedures, Reinhart Marville Torre checks the environmental compliance initiatives taken. For example, paper and household products are purchased from certified suppliers (AFAQ/ISO 9001 and Imprimvert-certified printers).