The firm currently has around fifty lawyers, including 19 partners and 2 counsels.

To improve our responsiveness, each partner works in conjunction with no more than 2 or 3 associates. We foster the complementarity of our skills by recruiting new talent every year and by encouraging the ongoing learning of our


Louis Marie Absil - Avocat Associé - RMT

Louis Marie Absil

Olivier Bluche - Avocat Associé - RMT

Olivier Bluche

Sacha Benichou - Partner - RMT

Sacha Benichou

Catherine Broussot-Morin - Avocat Associée - RMT

Catherine Broussot-Morin

Laurent Cavallier - Avocat Associé - RMT

Laurent Cavallier

Dominique Demerguerian - Avocat Associée - RMT

Dominique Dermerguerian

Antoine Dérot - Avocat Associé - RMT

Antoine Dérot

Pierre-Menno de Girard - Avocat Associé - RMT

Pierre-Menno de Girard

Olivier Goldstein - Avocat Associé - RMT

Olivier Goldstein

Fleur Gaffinel - Avocat Associée - RMT

Fleur Gaffinel

Lionel Levain - Avocat Associé - RMT

Lionel Levain

Jérôme Marsaudon - Avocat Associé - RMT

Jérôme Marsaudon

Laurent Marville - Avocat Associé - RMT

Laurent Marville

Agathe Moreau - Avocat Associée - RMT

Agathe Moreau

Jean Reinhart - Avocat Associé - RMT

Jean Reinhart

Alexandre Rios - Avocat Associé - RMT

Alexandre Rios

Marc Susini - Avocat Associé - RMT

Marc Susini

Bertrand Thouny - Avocat Associé - RMT

Bertrand Thouny

Philippe Torre - Avocat Associé - RMT

Philippe Torre


Myriam Ouabdesselam - Counsel - RMT

Myriam Ouabdesselam

 Charles-Audouin Pascaud - Counsel - RMT

Charles-Audouin Pascaud